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Social media is one of the fast growing mediums of this decade, which is saying a lot! The number of visitors on social media sites in Australia is surpassing the number of people that use search engines... and it's still growing.

Social marketing is still in its infancy, but there currently exist significant opportunities for companies to take advantage of social media to build relationships with their prospects and customers, build exposure to their brand and manage their reputation online - all of which impact sales and revenue.

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Web Profits has a range of social marketing solutions, with each solution customised for the respective social media site:

Twitter Marketing

The uptake of Twitter has been so significant that Google, Bing and Yahoo have now integrated Twitter results in their main search engine rankings.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has been one of the biggest success stories of the last 5 years, with more than 8 million Australians using Facebook on a regular basis.

Reputation Management

Online reputation management is the process of restoring your brandīs positive reputation on the search engines.
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